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Friday, June 4, 2010



Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rarely post.

Omg, photobucket has problems?! Can somebody tell me how do I solve this damn problem?! I can't upload a single photo up. Gosh. I am super angry with my form teacher. Here's what she did:

1. She was a smart-alec to give us answers before our English paper 1.
Yes, this must have made her sound super good, but hey, continue reading. She gave us the WRONG answers, in fact, wrong clue. She claimed that the paper was supposed to be testing on 'Proposal Report', but hey. There's not a single of it?! The whole class ended up failing that section, congrats.

2. She would always stomp into the class, and start all her rantings.
So what if she's pretty? How could she just come in and vent her anger on these poor students. Yes, you think this is bad, but there's still more.

3. She is f***ing irresponsible.
She can just ask me to inform my parents that she wants to meet them, and thus not answering my father's call nor his text. What kind of teacher is that? She's obliged to return calls from parents okay. Furthermore, she's the one who informed them about the meeting. -.-

4. She could risk student's result to gain her so called 'Teaching professional'.
She was my last year's Eng teacher, and not form. I didn't pass up ALL of my homework, and yet I passed with flying colours. This year, she became my form, and I just didn't hand in TWO of my work, and I got a F9 for CA. Wth? You guys see the difference?!

Okay, I need to get some sleep. Shoulder aching like hell, bye :D

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Genting trip!

Hey people! I'm back in blogging! Although I do not know whether if anyone even visits my blog anymore. Well, I'm just blogging for fun. :) Had lots of laughters & joy while I'm away, studying and relaxing after my MYE! Although my results is supa SHITTY! I've done my best, yes. :) When the report book's out, I'll show you ppl my results! Oh, I'm not proud of it btw, I'm just glad, because it's the first time I've actually done revision before sitting for them.

May 15-17, had lots of fun in Genting! 3 days spent, although didn't get any chance to go to the Theme Park there and I only bought a pair of shoes and some rdm stuffs. :x
Picture speaks louder than words, so here goes.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

So much foe the love huh.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Note: Blogger content is to whoever that is sensitive enough to think that is you. Not referring to any ONE is particular. Just maybe two or more.

Whatever it is. It's holiday already. Damn shiok that's its March already. - Meaning my bro's & dad's birthday coming, and I can get my lappy soon! Woots. Damn happy that is.

Quite irritated by ppl recently. Feeling that maybe, I'm quite outcast already. Well, I realised that noone's gonna be with me, or just accompany when I'm feeling the slightest boredom. Wonder where all their hearts go. & I figured out, it's either in the drain. Or given to someone else. Darned. Just finish mopping his house, cos I'm alone here, and its raining. The rain like flood the whole area, so I dont have a choice, but to mop it. Hahah, miraculously, it's the first time I'm doin all the mopping. Gosh. Holidays are super boring without homework.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Sorry for all the retarded things I've done, and said. I know whatever you're doing is for my best. Yet, I kept blaming you for everything. Thankyou dear, for all that you've done.
I really appreciate that you decided to break your normal routine - which is to stay home every sunday. For me. Although you weren't full of ideas of where to go, but you agreed to the ridiculous places and ideas I have. You will not forget to off the light if I'd fallen asleep before you do. And remain the switch on, whenever you leave the room, even if it's just toilet breaks. You know I'll be afraid. & you have done every single thing you could to protect me, & make me happy. Thankyou so much my dear. And forgive me, for being so childish. I should have trust you. (: Now, after typing all these. I realised, how much you do love me. (:
Fuck everybody.